Devon Meadows Round 12 Vs Rye

Devon Meadows Round 12 Vs Rye

Panther Prattle Round 12 – Edition 6 – Results

Devon Meadows vs Rye Round 12 at Glover Reserve 

Saturday saw one of the most emotional days the Devon Meadows FNC, supporters and players have been involved with in our short time in existence as a football club. It was great to see so many people turn up on the day to honor our mate Beau in the only way we knew how.

A special shout out must go to Beau’s amazingly strong family Steph, Chase, Trip, Peter and Deb who all attended the game who were all very courageous and  strong throughout the whole day.

The senior team managed to dig deep and come from 25 points down to overrun a very skillful and polished Rye team. The day wasn’t about winning and losing though it was all about honoring our mate beau which the boys did very well. The DMFNC was very proud of everyone’s dedication and effort on the day.

Photos of the day are on our Facebook Page

Senior Results
Q1         Q2        Q3          Q4
Devon Meadows    1.6-12    3.7-25    9.8-62    13.10-88
Rye                       4.4-28    7.8-50    7.9-51    10.11-71

Reserve Results
Q1         Q2       Q3            Q4
Devon Meadows    0.1-1      0.3-3    3.4-22       3.5-23
Rye                      6.0-36    7.3-45    9.7-61    12.10-82

Under 19’s Results

Q1         Q2           Q3           Q4
Devon Meadows    6.4-40    13.5-83    18.7-115    24.14-158
Rye                        1.0-6      2.0-12       4.1-25          4.1-25

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